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Our Story

Rooted in the Love of Gardening and the Beauty of Northern Wisconsin

With over three decades of dedicated service, Silver Sage stands as a testament to Mary’s profound passion for gardening, initially nurtured in North Florida and later transplanted to the enchanting landscapes of Northern Wisconsin. Mary transformed the land into a captivating farm and greenhouse, where the community eagerly gathers each spring to indulge in the vibrant array of herbs, flowers, and vegetable plants.

As the Silver Sage gardens flourished, fresh produce found its way to local restaurants and farmers markets during the bountiful summer months. The addition of Heather, who started as a WOOF participant, has proved instrumental. Transitioning from a career in anthropology, Heather now serves as an invaluable farm manager, seamlessly blending her love for agriculture with her skills as a nature photographer.

Within this tight-knit community, pets are not just animals but cherished family members, integral to the farm’s fabric. The team at Silver Sage finds solace and joy in the beauty of Northern Wisconsin, relishing moments like floating on Lake Superior amidst the golden hues of late summer sunsets. At Silver Sage, our story is woven with the threads of dedication, passion, and the ever-growing love for the land we call home.

Meet Our Team

Photo of Mary, owner making sunflower arrangements

Mary Pearson

Fueled by a lifelong love for gardening and decades of expertise
Photo of Heather Szarka, farm manager

Heather Szarka

Farm Manager
Dedicated farm manager cultivating harmony and growth


Field Supervisor


Grounds Keeper


Junior Horticulture Helper


Farm Greeter
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We are proud to be part of the Port Wing Business Association & to support other small businesses on the South Shore.

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