Photo of gardens with house herbs

Our Farm

Growing Goodness: Our Commitment to Health and Community

Explore Our Farm: Immerse yourself in the narrative of our agricultural venture, where each seed tells a unique story, and every harvest marks a chapter of growth. Join us on this journey of cultivating excellence – our farm is not just a plot of land; it’s a thriving community dedicated to the art and science of sustainable cultivation.

Our mission

Silver Sage Farm and Flowers is a special place where gardens teem with flowers,  herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Birds and bees thrive here, thanks to healthy soil that grows good, safe food. The frogs, toads, and hummingbirds add a touch of charm, and our resident animals just as happy as we are! Our mission is to promote health and community for everyone. 

Embracing the essence of Northern Wisconsin, we cultivate not just gardens but a passion for growing our own food—a heartfelt connection to the land and a joyous celebration of nature's bounty.
Mary Pearson
Founder, Owner

We are proud to be part of the Port Wing Business Association & to support other small businesses on the South Shore.

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