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Aurora Acres Microgreens

Welcome to Aurora Acres! I’m owner, Heather Szarka (also of Silver Sage Farm).

I grow microgreens year-round in my new portable microgreen building in Port Wing. Aurora Acres is a non-certified organic farm, my mission is to provide clean, organic produce to the South Shore region by selling to local businesses and individuals and through education of food production and preservation through social media streams and in-person classes and demonstrations.

My farming journey began in 2018 after ending a high-stress career. I spent two years WWOOFing on organic farms, which is how I found Silver Sage Farm. After volunteering here in the fall of 2018 and 2019, Mary hired me for the 2020 spring season in her commercial greenhouse. I loved the community so much I decided to stay and now manage the farm. 

In 2021 I began growing microgreens for home enjoyment. I spent long nights reading, learning from other growers on U-Tube and learning from my own trial and error. In February 2022 I expanded to sell to restaurants, deli’s, a local grocery and farmer’s markets. I expanded further to begin a winter CSA in November 2023. My products can be found enhancing the offerings at Cornucopia Coffee and Sweet Shop, Ehler’s General Store Deli and the Cranberry over Superior. Microgreens are for sale in Ehler’s General Store, at the Thursday evening Cornucopia Farmer’s Market and through the Aurora Acres CSA. Winter 2023 CSA is full, look for announcements here and on Facebook about the next CSA beginning in June 2024.

Our crops

The regular microgreen crops I grow are Sunflower, Pea Shoot, Radish, Broccoli and Mustard. I’m also working on crops like Purple Kohlrabi, Arugula and Buckwheat. Everything is done by hand; seeding, harvesting, even de-hulling the sunflowers! This gentle care produces a superior taste and longer shelf-life. It is more labor intensive, but the rave reviews from the community is worth it.

My mission is to provide clean, organic produce to the South Shore.
photo of Heather Szarka, owner
Heather Szarka
Founder, Owner

We are proud to be part of the Port Wing Business Association & to support other small businesses on the South Shore.

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